Lancelot's Retreat
Self Catering Holiday Cottage in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

How to find Lancelot's Retreat in Mablethorpe

Lancelot's Retreat Holiday Bungalow The private road off Parklands

The bungalow is found at number 17 Parklands in Mablethorpe (see map below).

Driving Directions

From the A1104 (Mablethorpe High Street / Alford Road) you will find the turning for Parklands opposite Mablethorpe Primary Academy.

If you are heading towards Mablethorpe town centre Parklands is on your right immediately after a 90 degree right - 90 degree left bend.

If you are heading away from Mablethorpe town centre Parklands is on your left immediately before a 90 degree right bend.

Drive down Parklands and, as you near the end, turn left down an unmarked private road immediately before the last pair of semi-detached bungalows (see picture). Lancelot's Retreat is number 17, the last bungalow on the left at the bottom of the private road.